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Frequently Answered Questions will be answered here!

What is the difference between Character modeling commission and Modeling for 3D print commission?

  • Character modeling commissions such as for Vtubing and VRChat has limitations that need to be met. For the models to work with certain programs, such as unity and VRChat, the model will need to be under a certain polygon count. 

    • Character modeling also has texturing, rigging, physics, blendshapes, collisions involved as well​

  • Modeling for 3D printing commissions don't have a polycount limit and are only sculpted. They are not textured with Texture maps, but the textures will have to be sculpted into the model. Depending on the size of the model and the size of the printer, the model can be sliced up as well and assembled later for convenience


What Programs do you use?

  • Mainly I use Blender and Unity to create the Avatars

  • Blender is used for Modeling for 3D printing as well


What do you use for motion tracking?

  • I use VeeSeeFace for Vutbing

    • NexiGo N660 1080P Webcam for Face tracking

    • Leap motion for Hand tracking​

  • Meta Quest 2 for VRChat


Do you take commissions?

  • Yes, I do take commissions​​


Could you teach me how to 3D model?

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