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Here is a sneak peak on the process!


Sculpting + Retopology

To start, the body is created from a box while the face is sculpted and retopologized and connected to the neck

Hair, teeth, and eyes are added as well in this step

Program used for Sculpting + Retopo: Blender

Modeling for 3D printing

Models for 3D printing will have the sculpting stage will all the necessary details. 

Depending on the size of the model + Print bed size, the model can be sliced up for easy printing as well

Program used for Sculpting: Blender


Creating Clothing + Details

Creating clothing, accessories, and details

Program used for Sculpting + Retopo: Blender

UV Mapping + Texturing

Marking the seams and Unwrapping the model to prepare for texturing

After organizing the UV islands on the texture image, the texture then is colored on by hand (Diffuse) then nodes are added (Normal + Specular)

  • Diffuse

  • Normal Map

  • Specular Map

Programs used for texturing: Blender, Krita, Photoshop

Creating Armature + Weightpaint

The model is then rigged and weight painted to create the correct deformations and movement

Program used for Rigging: Blender


Blend shapes are added to create mouth shapes that would later be tracked with motion tracking for talking as well as expressions + blinking

Program used for Blendshapes: Blender

Unity Export + Physics + Colliders

The model is put into unity to add physics (bouncy ears/hair, wiggly tail, flowly sleeve) as well as colliders so some parts of the body/clothing won't clip each other

Program used for Physics + Colliders : Unity


Model being motion tracked with VeeSeeFace with Luppet

Program used for motion tracking : VeeSeeFace, Luppet

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