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  • Down payment of 50% the the quote must be completed to start the commission

    • You will be contacted and quote of the order will be given through paypal

  • Down-payment will be non-refundable once commission begins

  • Payment must be done through Paypal (USD currency)

    • invoice will be sent once the details have been finalized

  • If downpayment is not fulfilled in time (within 3 days) the deadline may be pushed back

    • or, if due to a waiting list, you may be ​moved back in the waiting list

      • you will be reminded if deadline gets push back or if moved back in the waiting list if downpayment is not fufilled on time

  • Transactions are final due to the work needed to create the order as well as being a highly personalized. Therefore orders cannot be returned or refunded

  • Prices may change based on the demand

  • Refunds may be provided under mokunachoi's discretion

  • The files will be kept as Mokunachoi’s property and will not be delivered until the outstanding payment of the order quote has been completely fulfilled by the agreed amount



  • Orders must be requested at least a month in advanced

  • Orders will start once full down payment is fulfilled  

  • Due to being a custom order, clients are encouraged to understand the wait time it will take to complete the order. Depending on the complexity of the order, it could range from 1 month or more.

  • However, it will also depend on the complexity of the design (the more complex, the more time it will take.

    • Consultation with Mokunachoi will be done beforehand

  • Mokunachoi will ask specific questions about the design to the client and make the order accordingly

  • Commissions can be rejected 

  • Commissions can be canceled at anytime for any reason (refund will be provided)

  • Modeling for 3D printing will only have digital files (stl) there will be no physical product

  • NO NFTs

  • Work in process images of the order will be given to the client through email provided in order form

  • Major changes to the orders cannot be implemented during the order process. 

  • If minor changes are needed, clients are to understand additional fees (Consultation with Mokunachoi must be done)

  • Can ask special request for just the fbx. + texture files (no files for VRChat + Vtubing)


Use & Media

  • Mokunachoi will use any progress images towards their portfolio and for promotional purposes. As well as having the right to share photos, with credits, of the finished product for the purpose of showcasing. 

  • Videos/images of the process of the commission can also be uploaded to Mokunachoi’s social media platforms to be monetized by Mokunachoi

    • (ex. creating a speed process video of the commission uploaded to Mokunachoi's Youtube, streaming process, Tiktok, publications (artbooks) etc..)

      • It will be stated who is the commissioned in the title/description 

  • Mokuna.choi is not obligated to create social media content on their platforms for every commission

  • Mokunachoi will NOT claim the intellectual property (IP) of the commissioned artwork

  • The commission must be appropriately and clearly credited to Mokunachoi on any social media and media

  • If entering any competition with the order, credit must be given towards Mokunachoi, and must be known that the order was commissioned.

  • Not used for commercial purposes (not for resale)

  • If used for licensing, it must be mentioned in the order for a fee


Fittings and Measurements

​(For 3D models for 3D printing)

  • Measurements must be provided by the client 

    • Once order is accepted, Mokunachoi will ask for measurements regarding the order

  • Must use American units of measurement (e.g. inches)

  • Mokunachoi will not be held responsible if the costume/prop does not fit the client due to the client’s change in measurements after the start of the transaction when the measurements were provided by the client


Cancellation and Refund

  • Client cannot cancel order once the commission has started

  • Full refund will be given if commission has not begun yet

  • To request a refund, communicate with Mokunachoi first, if accepted do not request a Paypal chargeback to receive the refund. They will refund you 

  • If the client performs a Paypal chargeback at any point, the client will lose all beforementioned rights to the commission piece and Mokunachoi will have full rights to profit further from the commission in any way. 

    • The chargeback will be declined and Paypal will receive the conversation where the commission was discussed as evidence of the commission work​ being completed

Thank you for your interest in commissioning with me!

Please review the Terms and Service and fill out the order form to get a commission quote!

🎨 Character Art portfolio

🎨 Modeling for 3D printing portfolio

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

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