Self-developed textile created for the collection

The process of the textile I have created from scratch for this collection. I was inspired by the colorful vibrant insects of the jungle rainforests and started to take pictures of different leaves to collage together, to create their camouflage, through Adobe Photoshop. 

I then printed those collages out through huge printer plotters and painted them with Gel Medium. (However beforehand, I went through many textile experiments before I came through this conclusion.) I used Gel Medium since I knew it would create a texture on top the paper and giving it a stiff quality like the insect's exoskeleton. I also added iridescent flakes between the Gel Medium layers to give it a shine as well. 

To finish the back I painted with a solid copper and then laminated to make the while textile fully waterproof. 

With this textile I have entered the DESIGNOW X COLLECTIVE fashion show, won the Maybelline Scholarship, and became a finalist for a textile competition Future Tech Lab.


Textile book created from all the experiments done before finalization