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Frequently Asked Questions!

T.O.S to get more details!


I submitted the commission form!

What is next?


How does it begin?

What is the process like?

  • After you submit the Commissions Form  I will contact you through the email that was provided in the commission form submitted

  • If you weren't able to fit all the reference images/details in the form that is alright since once I contact you through email, you can give me all the details and references! (I will also be asking questions about the details of the commission as well) 

  • Once we have finalized the details and toggles, I will then give you a quote!

  • If my slots are open during the time I give you the quote, you agree with the quote price, and want to get started right away, I will then ask you for your Paypal email and give you the first 50% of the quote price invoice.

  • Once the initial 50% invoice is completed, I will then start on the commission!

  • I can send Wips (Work in progress) pictures/videos through Email/Twitter dm/Discord (please let me know your preference at that stage!)

  • Each Wip will be sent once in a few days - week (if it's taking longer, please feel free to contact me in case!)

  • Once the commission is completed and you have approved it, I will then send you the final 50% of the commission quote invoice, and once that is fulfilled, I will then send the files through Email!  


What is your wait time/waistlist like?

  • If my slots are filled up, but you still would like to work with me, I can still offer a quote on the commission and contact you through email once I have a slot open!

    • My quote prices do not expire unless the design has changed or more features are requested

  • My Waistlist is 'first come first serve' basis, once I have a slot open I will be contacting everyone on my Waitlist and the client that is ready at that moment will be moving forward with me

  • If you are not ready when I contact you, please let me know so I can contact you again in the future when the slot opens

  • If the slots gets filled up, but you are still interested, I will contact you when my slots open again

  • If you are not ready, but still are interested in working with me in the future but unsure when, feel free to email me when you are and I will put you in the waitlist if the slots are full at that moment


What do you use?

Motion Tracking

  • I use VeeSeeFace for Vutbing

  • NexiGo N660 1080P Webcam for Face tracking

  • iphone for ARKit blendshapes

    • facemotion3d app​

  • Leap motion for Hand tracking​

  • Meta Quest 2 for VRChat

Programs used

  • Blender

  • Krita

  • Unity

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